I write about New York a lot obviously because I live here but mostly because without fail, it is my source for inspiration, romance, and opportunity. I was listening to a podcast with Tom Ford the other day. In his interview he talked about his relationship with film and said,

“Some of the most important moments in my life for style, for how I want to live, even for things people have said to each other have not happened in reality but in film. They’re the things when you’re a kid growing up, you see a glamorous apartment or you see a beautiful woman or you see a handsome man or you see the way someone is living and you project, “Wow. That’s what I want”. And so many of those things aren’t necessarily real, but were images generated in film.”

That really struck a cord with me because that is in part how I feel about New York. I fell in love with New York at a young age after watching Kathleen Kelly walk through the Upper West Side in You’ve Got Mail and Holly Golightly gaze into the windows of Tiffany and Co in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In so many ways these scenes and these characters became a part of me and still create my romantic view of the city. Sometimes when my day to day seems mundane or too “normal”, I go for a walk. I’ll walk the same paths as the cinematic characters I love and remember the days when I used to dream of doing exactly what I’m doing now.

Last night I was running a few errands on 5th Ave and decided to have one of these walks. Music makes everything so I put in my earbuds and set “Moon River” on repeat. I walked past Tiffany’s and took my time at each window of Begdorf Goodman to stare at every detail of the clothes as if they were paintings in a museum. Afterwards, I ended up at the corner of 59th and 5th to the fountain at The Plaza Hotel. For those who have never been at night, I’ll paint you a picture: It’s quiet, only a few people are seated around the fountain, usually a couple after a date or someone eating a treat from the corner hot dog stand. The Plaza is bright and glittering. Every so often a black car will pull up to the entrance and someone fancy will get out to greet the door men. On the other side of the street is Central Park. It’s dark now but horse carriages still line the streets waiting for a late night ride. There are no lights around the fountain, but it is perfectly visible from the building lights that reflect in its water. Standing at the fountain, observing the world around me, I couldn’t help but channel Carrie Bradshaw and Barbra Streisand in The Way We Were, who both stood in the exact same spot I was now.  It was then, all of the sudden, that I felt that New York magic again.  Everything suddenly became even more grand, glittery, and picturesque just like in the movies.

I walked back to the west side with a lasting grin. Sometimes the greatest escape from the city, is really just an escape from its reality. 

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Hey Hi Hello!

In the nature of...well...being me - life went from 0-100 since I got layed off at Ralph Lauren. A picture says a thousand words and according to my iphone camera roll, all of the changes in my life are showing. I decided it would be fun to share some snapshots from my life as of lately and hopefully offer encouragement to those who find themselves down on their luck. One of my favorite quotes from The Devil Wears Prada goes. "Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. Means it's time for a promotion." Isn't that the truth! When things seem like the worst, theres always a blessing sneaking around the corner. 

I turned 25!! Obviously it was V important to me that I do my birthday big this year. My incredible, lovely, hilarious friends took the reigns and threw me the most special birthday I have had to date. We did a staycation at the Gansevoort Hotel in midtown manhattan (If you're taking a trip to the city I HIGHLY recommend staying here. It is so choice.). We spent the day at the rooftop pool which has the most epic view of the empire state building I've ever seen. I felt like the rich and famous for a day and it was fabulous. Later in the night we all got dressed up and raged at the rooftop bar. I sobbed my eyes out as I blew out my candles because everyone I love most in New York came and I felt so lucky to have found these people. Also I have to be gross and give a MASSIVE shout out to my love Richard because he pulled this all off with the help of my friends. Ladies take note: find a man who knows how to throw you a great party. 

I got a new job! Being laid off was really stressful. I cried a lot but honestly was relieved to be leaving a job I didn't actually like. The plans and favor of the Lord are SO GOOD. Not even a week after my last day at Ralph, I was offered a graphic designe position at Jack Spade. For those who don't know, I am a Kate Spade freak. I worked at the store in college and just about died every day over all of the products. You can only imagine how I'm coping now that I made it to the mothership and am surrounded by Kate paraphernalia all day. Where else could I walk by desks covered with handbags, giant bon bons and pictures of Audrey Hepburn. I've found my pod!

On top of it all, I get to be a part of a small team which I love! Jack has been around for 20 years but it's still not the empire Kate has been. While maybe that's not exciting for sales, it's super exciting for me because that mean's I get to be way more hands on. I took this job because I knew it was just going to be me and the art director creating all graphics for Jack. I get to spend my days illustrating pigeons, laying out upcoming homepages, and concepting next season's "look". This isn't my dream job because if it was I would be Lauren Conrad. HOWEVER, I am excited to go to work everyday, am learning how to become a better designer, and get paid to do something I love. I'd say that's a win! 

I can't actually tell you everything about it because it's super secret information BUT long story short I'm back at the freelance game! I'll fill in the blanks later but I got to spend my actual birthday styling the next big thing Jeffrey Miller. He was so cute and we had a lot of fun trying out new looks, jamming to PANDA, and letting loose for the cameras. 

In addition to doing his styling, I created the graphics for his new single "Chess Piece". Aside from fashion this is what I live for. I'm very thankful Jeffrey and his team allowed me to come in and take over the creative direction of his brand. Who doesn't like working with good people?! You'll be seeing a lot more of Jeffrey soon but until then check out is Vine account (He only has 3 million followers. No big deal.) and song on Spotify!

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1. COLONY HOUSE: Even though I'm no longer a Nashvillian, there's still a special place in my heart for the city and more specifically their music community. Two years ago I went to the album release party for a band called Colony House at Mercy Lounge in Nashville. I fell in love with the album and have been a huge fan since. Finally they're out with a new single called "You Know It" and it is so good! The single reminds me a bit of 1950's rock and makes me want to go out and dance. You can get the song on Spotify and iTunes. 

2. STEVE MADDEN IRENEE SANDLE: Running around New York City can be taxing on your feet. If you're a Carrie Bradshaw heels wearing girl like me, you especially feel the struggle. In an attempt to be nice to my feet, I started wearing flats to work and then changing into heels once I was in the office. Carrying an extra pair of shoes with me got old fast so I started looking for a heel I could wear during my commute and at the office. I'm a Steve Madden addict so naturally it was the first place I looked. I found these absolutely adorable low heeled sandles and havent taken them off since. They come in every color you can think of and are the most comfortable things ever! I'm planning to buy at least 10 pairs they're so good. 

3. STRANGER THINGS: Everyone binge watches Netflix. It's ok. My friends and I took it to a whole new level this week. My boyfriend and I were at our friend's apartment hanging out when we decided it would be fun to start a show together. We turned on Netflix and saw that this new show "Stranger Things" was getting good reviews. There was some skepticism but we decided to take a gamble and try it. Four hours later, we were still on the couch, sitting on the edge of our seats and occasionally letting out a yell or comment in reaction to what was happening on screen. We spent the next two nights locked up the the same apartment and managed to finish the entire season. It is THAT GOOD! Stranger Things is the story about what happens when a little boy goes missing in the 1980's. As the story unfolds, the characters unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl. This was by far the best television I've watched in years. To anyone who wants to get scared out of their mind and kiss their free time goodbye, I highly recommend Stranger Things. ALSO CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 2!

4. FULLY RAW KRISTINA: For those who know me well, I spent most of 2015 living a vegan lifestyle. While it was hard to make the change, I felt absolutely amazing, reached my goal weight, and had a ton more energy than ever before. I decided to ditch the diet during my first year in New York so I could experience things like New York pizza, bagels, ramen, ice cream, and any other sinful treat this city has mastered. Now that I'm more settled in the city, I'm working to get back to a vegan lifestyle. It's sometimes hard to keep my diet interesting when eating vegan, so I usually look online for recipes. This was how I stumbled on the Youtube channel Fully Raw KristinaKristina Carrillo-Bucaram is the owner of a co-op in Austin as well as the Fully Raw brand which consists of juices, books, and an online community. Kristina is absolutely adorable which makes her super fun to watch and she has a ton of creative ideas for how to make raw food delicious and interesting. I'm especially obsessed with her Avacado Zoodles!

5. REVISIONIST HISTORY: In college I read Outliers by Malcomb Gladwell and was absolutely obsessed (If you haven't read it do so right now. You'll thank me later.) As a lover of Malcomb's writing and podcasts, I lost my mind when I heard Revisionist History was coming out. Revisionist History is a weekly podcast by Malcomb Gladwell that reinterprets something from the past that may be worth a second look. Malcomb can be random and thats why I love how open ended this podcast is. He's already covered topics such as college tuition to fine art and educational opportunities for underprivileged students. Each week I'm eager to see what he's going to come up with next and learn about something I probably knew nothing about before. So for your next commute, road trip, or workout session I highly recommend Revisionist History. You can find it for free on iTunes.

6. UNION LOS ANGELES: Over the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of working on the styling for Vine star Jeffrey Eli Miller. In my search for Jeffrey's wardrobe, I came across Union. Union Los Angeles is an online boutique that I was especially drawn to because of its variety of designers and how well curated the collections are. In stead of sifting through Acne Studio's website for instance, Union does a beautiful job of highlighting pieces I may have overlooked or had to dig for on designer's sites. They have great branding, an easy to navigate website and overall a great selection of product. It's definitely pricey goods but Yolo right?

7. MOMOFUKU MILK BAR: I'm turning 25 on Sunday and in the spirit of turning a quarter of a century not to mention surviving a year in NYC, what better way to celebrate than with a Milk Bar Funfetti cake! I was first introduced to Milk Bar because of their addicting cereal bowl ice cream but later saw their birthday cake featured on Karli Kloss's instagram and fell in love. Their birthday cake is a play on the classic boxed funfetti cake mix which who isn't a fan of funfetti? Either way it looks so pretty and based on this video, so freaking delicious. Can't wait have my cake and eat it too!

8. CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS: I was introduced to Christine and the Queens a year ago by my friend Kellie and was immediately on board. I recently started listening to her again and remembered why I loved her in the first place. Aside from her incredible music, she also has a really awesome sense of style. I found myself incredibly inspired by her tomboy look this week and even tried it out myself for an interview pairing trousers, a blazer vest, and pointed loafers. You can find her music on Spotify and iTunes.

9. LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: A few weeks ago my BFF4L Holly came to visit me in NYC. Recently, she has been switching out her old beauty routine with new, humane, and all natural products. One of the things she's introduced into her routine is essential oils. I had received some lavender essential oil from a friend and never used it because I didn't understand how. Holly showed me that by putting it on my palms and shoulder blades, it creates a warming sensation and helps to relax the muscles. I've started using it in the morning when my muscles are tired and on my forehead for headaches. Aside from having magical healing powers, it smells AMAZING! There are a lot of brands out there but my favorite is Doterra

10. JEFFREY ELI MILLER: What were you doing when you were 15 years old? I was probably scribbling Ethan Eubank's name in my notebook and praying for my pimples to go away. Jeffrey on the other hand has built a following of over 3 million on Vine and is coming out with his first EP this summer. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey as a creative director taking care of his graphics and styling. His first single "Pretty Lady" is out on iTunes and you will not be able to get it out of your head. You can also check out his Vine account for some epic covers. 

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